Speedbumps on Franwall: what to do?

The issue: as of today (12 July 2017), the repaved Franwall has no speed bumps. A discussion about what to do is occurring within the community. You can see the emails on the sligoheadwaters.org yahoo.

Basically: some of us are glad the speed bumps are gone, others want them back. So what to do -- is there a compromise/consensus position? If there is, Jeff Waldstreicher (our State Delegate) has expressed a willingness to assist.

The following poll is meant to ascertain the preferences of the community. If you think I should add extra options, let me know (danielh@crosslink.net)

You can see everyone answers by clicking here. And that means your answers will not be anonymous!

Please rank the following choices …
Rebuild the current speed bumps: 2 per block, of moderate height.
Install the same sized bumps, but just one per block.
Install lower-wider speed bumps, like what is on Sligo Creek.
Install traffic calming devices (median, or side, islands) 2nd favorite │
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